The first digital health accelerator in South Africa

The applications for Accelerator 2 are now closed.
Accelerator 3 will open in 2019.

Digital Health Cape Town (DHCT) is currently running Accelerator 2.




The 12 week programme include meeting industry leaders, mentoring and access to potential clients and investors. Participants include: 

Zulfa Carloo: TreatED – TreatED offers a discreet exclusive platform for male patients diagnosed with erectile dysfunction.

Redaa Cader: ExPharm – Expharm is a mobile and web-based platform that facilitates pharmacies to sell their soon to expire or overstocked products.

Gokul Nair: Impulse Biomedical – Impulse Biomedical is a medical devices startup that develops affordable healthcare technology.

Neo Hutiri: Technovera – Technovera is a social impact startup that has developed a smart locker system that enables patients to easily collect their repeat chronic medication.



Sylvia Klopper: CareChamp – CareChamp is a web and app-based platform that connects homecare seekers with qualified & vetted caregivers.

Radiyya Moosa: Elixir – Elixir is a mobile app-based pharmacy though which patients can order their medication online have it delivered to their door.

Dr Carol Thomas: iMobiMaMa Using mobile technology coupled with medical devices that can measure and test pregnancy milestones, iMobiMaMa is an interactive service that records maternal health information and responds with information appropriate to individual needs. 

Miriam Parker: SignSupport A mobile phone application which facilitates medicine instructions and healthcare information between a pharmacist and a patient who speak different languages and are otherwise unable to communicate with each other. Designed and developed for SASL (South African Sign Language)

SA Digital Health Conference

2nd of October 2018
Cape Town International Convention Centre
UCT Faculty of Health Sciences, together with Digital Health (Pty) Ltd are hosting #DH2018 – the first South African Digital Health Conference.
This inaugural, one-day event will attract local and international stakeholders from both public and private healthcare to engage with experts, decision makers and colleagues to explore opportunities in digital health.


Successful applicants will participate in a 10 week online programme, as well as face to face engagements with business coaches and industry mentors to develop their business plans. The top graduating students will be eligible to receive funding and industry assistance to launch and expand their business.

To apply for the beta course all you need to do is register and submit your proposal


Complete the course and take your business idea to the next level.

Receive Funding

The top graduating entrepreneurs will be eligible to receive funding for their business.


The latest news about technology, business, medicine and everthing in between.

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Through corporate-start up partnerships,  social impact ventures and business innovation ecosystems, we help high growth, high social impact businesses to succeed and support established enterprises at risk of being disrupted. 
  We draw on the latest thinking and tools for innovation and can offer digital health education to clients wherever they are on their innovation journey.
We have experience working with
 pharma, private health insurance, government, healthcare SMEs and start-ups. 
Our work spans the following

Strategic business development, new ventures, investor pitches, business planning

Corporate innovation strategy and implementation

Corporate /start-up ecosystem development,  partnerships, community development 

Pharma innovation, change and patient-centric solutions

Patient & health consumer research and insights gathering

We aim to support women who are changing the way people think about digital health and celebrating their achievements in health technology

Frequently asked questions

What does it cost?

The course is free for the pilot phase and we will be running a cross-subsidisation model in the future, whereby it will be free for those who can’t afford the nominal fee

What will the course teach me?

The course aims to enable participants to start and manage a digital health business, or scale an existing business.

What are the benefits?

Digital health entrepreneurs that complete the course will benefit from having worked through researched and curated content by experienced entrepreneurs and academics that enable an entrepreneur to enhance their business knowledge and acumen from ideation all the way through to business and strategy execution.

How long is the course?

This course will run through a period of 10 weeks consisting of 1 topic per week. Each week will consist of approximately 10 hours of learning time.

Will this course get me funding?

If you successfully complete the programme, build a defendable business plan and shape a viable business model you are better positioned to attract potential investors and funding.

How will funding work?

Equity funding, will be awarded to the most enterprising entrepreneurs by a panel of experts.

Creating transformational change in the health sector with digital technology and innovation.


To complement our accelerator even further, we offer access to key opinion leaders, captains of industry and strategic decision makers in the digital health space.

These digital health experts provide value-added expert assistance to you, the entrepreneur (business owner), for different aspects of your business.

This may range from:

  • Health market analysis
  • Product design
  • Strategic business needs
  • Accounting support
  • Problem-solving
  • Marketing plans
  • Health and safety strategies
  • Turnaround solutions






Financial Advisors

5 Industry Clients on board

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Corporate Mentors
3 Industry Corporate Mentors on Board

VC Partners
Business Partners & Edge Growth

Legal Advisors

10 Captains of Industry

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